We Love Doug Linkhart

Supporters and fans of Doug Linkhart have always known what the man stands for and will do for us if he becomes mayor. Here is a question that he answered for many of us

Q: Why are you running for mayor?

A: I’m running because I think I have the solutions after being in office for 17 years that will help our city be better off long term. I think a lot of people are out to get a quick fix, and I’m in it for the long haul. I have some good ideas of where to find money for the budget, and how to address the challenges that we have. I’ve got three kids. I’ve lived in the city 30 years, and I’m anxious to have those kids grow in a place where if they get a good education, they can find a decent job, not one that makes $20,000 [which] is the most common wage now for new jobs in Colorado. Those are good starter jobs, but we need better economic prosperity that gets us good jobs with decent wages over a long period of time.

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